‘Blindspot’ Star Jamie Alexander Feels ‘Sick’ About Her Fake Tattoos


As a woman playing the mysterious Jane Doe who is riddled with tattoos all over her body, Jaimie Alexander is convinced the fake tattoos that are applied on her during the makeup process for her TV show is making her sick.

“The basic tattoos on my arms and neck take up to an hour and a half. My arms and torso take four,” she told New York Times when asked how long it takes to do her tattoos. “My full body is seven and a half, so it can get pretty intense. I can’t sit down because when you bend your body it pulls the skin, and the tattoos are like a puzzle, so if one piece is off, the whole body is off.”

The actress, who is best known for her role in “Thor,” also believes the tattoo used on her are toxic. According to Page Six, Alexander allegedly experienced pulmonary problems during the shooting. At one point, production was halted and some of the makeup staff was fired.

But this allegedly had nothing to do with the makeup as a source revealed, Alexander is the problem. “She’s a perfectionist who complains constantly, and is such a nightmare that the producers will do almost anything to stop the torture,” said a source in another Page Six report.

“Blindspot” is one of this season’s newest and most popular show and is the first of the freshmen series to receive a renewal for Season 2.  Her character’s tattoos are crucial to the story as it is the lead for many of the FBI’s sensitive cases on the TV show.

The show’s production has been using a lot body double since Alexander has been getting sick, according to reports.