‘Sherlock’ Special New Teaser Out [WATCH IT!]


BBC’s ‘Sherlock” has unveiled the first teaser for its special episode and there’s a lot to take from it.

As expected and announced earlier, the special episode will be set in the Victorian era in London and it truly is quite a spectacle. Other than the stars’ costumes, the whole setting shows a completely different but interesting era for our favorite investigator and his sidekick John Watson.

The special episode pays homage to the old Holmes but there are still hints of the new Holmes’ style and sensibilities.

There is still no confirmed date as to when this special “Sherlock” will air. BBC and PBS still insist that it will air “soon.” Speculations are that it will be on television as a Christmas special.

“Sherlock” stars Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, and has been on the air for three seasons. Following the airing of the special episode, the fourth season will begin filming for a slated 2017 run on television.

Take a look at the “Sherlock” teaser in the video below.