TV Show Renewals: ‘Impastor,’ ‘Jim Gaffigan Show,’ ‘Dark Matter’ and ‘Killjoys’ Get Second Seasons

A slate of renewals for freshmen series that debuted this summer has been announced on two networks.

TV Land was first to confirm that its two new comedy series, “Impastor” and “The Jim Gaffigan Show” will be getting another season. “Impastor,” which stars Michael Rosenberg, is about a slacker, Buddy, who is on the run from a collector for his huge gambling debt. He ends up pretending to be a pastor in a small town after meeting the actual pastor while Buddy was attempting to jump off the bridge. But it was the pastor who accidentally fell and died. The first season of “Impastor” concluded in the past week. It ran for 10 episodes.

“The Jim Gaffigan Show” centers on actor Jim Gaffigan’s fictional family. The comedy series delves on parenting, relationships and his work as a comedian.

“We’re really proud of these shows that represent the new TV Land,” said Keith Cox, TV Land’s vice president in a press release via Zap2it. “They have quality writing and great casts, and we’re excited to move on to season two for both.”

Meanwhile, Syfy is bringing back most of its Friday block next season, as “Killjoys” and “Dark Matter” each received a second season renewal.

“Killjoys” features a trio of bounty hunters from across the planet. “With exciting space-based action, deep world building, and a standout cast, Killjoys has struck a nerve with viewers and critics alike,” said Bill McGoldrick, a Syfy executive in a press release via Variety. “We can’t wait to see what adventures Michelle Lovretta and Temple Street take Dutch, John and D’avin on in season two.”

“Dark Matter,” on the other hand, follows a crew of space warriors who wake up in a spaceship without any knowledge of who they are and why they are there.

“With its mysterious premise and fascinating characters, Dark Matter has built an incredibly loyal, passionate and engaged fan base,” said Chris Regina, another Syfy executive. “We look forward to another out-of-the-world season from this talented creative team.”