NBC Developing Superhero Comedy Series ‘Powerless’

NBC_logo_2011.svgThe superhero series bandwagon is not about to end as NBC has announced it will be joining the fray with a potential superhero comedy series called “Powerless.” If all things go to plan, the show will be included in the TV season slate for next year.

The planned series will be a half-hour comedy offering from Ben Queen, who created the romantic comedy series “A to Z,” also for the network, so in effect, this will be Queen’s return to the network after “A to Z” was cancelled last season after 13 episodes.

The project has been described as similar to “The Office,” only with superheroes from DC Comics. It is a workplace comedy set at an insurance company and it also takes place in the DC universe. At the center of the story is a normal guy who is surrounding by different people with super powers.

According to Deadline, however, big superheroes — like Superman and Batman — will not be appearing in the show. The structure of the series may also follow that of Agents of SHIELD, according to Entertainment Weekly.

The news outlets also reported that the network is going to make a push for its comedy brand in the next season, following the approval of straight-to-series orders for Tina Fey and Michael Schur. These two have been behind NBC’s critically-acclaimed comedy shows — “30 Rock” and “Parks and Recreations” — in the previous years.