‘Hawkgirl’ TV Series in Development at The CW?

Following “Arrow,” which will launch its fourth season this fall, “The Flash,” which is running it second season, and “Legends of Tomorrow,” which will debut for the first time, The CW is set to develop “Hawkgirl” into a TV show next.

HawkmanCv42Spoiler TV first broke the news that the network is doing the series, saying that it’s in its “very early stages of development.” If things move forward, the show may eventually get a series order and will be set a 2016-2017 debut.

Hawkgirl is actually part of the upcoming “Legends of Tomorrow” TV show and will be played by Ciara Renee. The actress briefly appeared in the series finale of “The Flash” as Kendra Saunders (the alter ego), but it remains to be seen if her portrayal of the character will be well-loved by the TV audience.

In the comic books, Hakwgirl is tagged as “a girl with the wings and a past lives complex,” the character was first seen in DC Comics over 75 years ago. Hawkgirl is able to fly because of advanced technology and her complex past lives involve the ability to reincarnate. She also has astounding fighting skills, which she retains even as she cheats death many times over. Very little is known about the character, as Hawkgirl is quite an obscure character in the first place.

But fans of the superhero may just thrilled of this latest news. The DC Universe on television seems to be expanding much like the Marvel Universe that is already doing well on ABC.

Meanwhile, Warner Bros. nor The CW have yet to make an official announcement about “Hawkgirl” for TV.