The Mindy Project Update: Show Adds New Female Friend for Mindy Lahiri; Aims To ‘Push Envelope’ in Hulu

“The Mindy Project” was cancelled by FOX after its third season in early May, but fortunately for its fans, the show got a second chance. The series will be running via the streaming service Hulu, with a 26-episode order. So, what can fans expect when it debuts its fourth season?

Mindy Kaling Mindy ProjectAccording to Mindy Kaling herself, since the series will be in a new and different platform, “The Mindy Project” will be able to enjoy a lot of freedom in the way the stories are told. They will be “pushing the envelope” and doing stuff that the show cannot do on network TV, however, the writer and star insists, the show will be keeping its tone intact.

“Matt [Warburton, Mindy Project executive producer] and I are both smart writers, but also repressed people. We decided we want people who tuned into the show to tune in for two reasons: because we’re doing things we couldn’t do on network TV, but also not giving up what people love,” said Kaling during the BookCon event in Los Angeles over the weekend, as published on Entertainment Weekly.

The show is also going to introduce a new female character who will be Mindy’s friend, according to The Hollywood Reporter. In the past and as fans will note, the character hasn’t had a lot of friendships with other female characters, although the series did features some of Mindy’s girl friends, played by Anna Camp, Amanda Setton and Mary Grill.  But they have since been phased out of the series on FOX.

Hulu has yet to announce the premiere date of the series on the streaming site, but reports say that the writers are going to get back to work this week to begin charting what’s going to happen in Season 4.