Bat Outta Hell: A horror film based on facts

Bat Outta Hell
Bat Outta Hell

Based on and inspired by actual events, crowd-funded independent film “Bat Outta Hell” finds four young documentary filmmakers on their trip of a lifetime takes a turn for the worst when they discovered that the grisly predator bat is not a myth.

Vernon Wells, who is best known for his role in 1981’s “Mad Max 2” as Wez, the homicidal biker stars as Simpson in “Bat Outta Hell.” In this unpredictable indie horror movie, Wells enthused that he finds it interesting to be involved in a film based on facts. “I’ve looked into it and discovered that these bats are actually real they have been sighted in many many places around the world. In fact there was sighting in Brazil, a team of archaeologist in the deep jungle looking for something in a cave and that these bats happened to reside in that cave, the bats, instead of fluttering away from the humans, being territorial, attacked their team. They’re fortunate they have guns with them and they killed some of the bats off.”

Danial Donai, writer-director of “Bat Outta Hell” shared that he began writing the story back in 2008. “My idea on writing about started back in 2008 with a good friend of mine and I had lunch, he related that he saw this giant humanoid bat in a place called nowhere else in South Australia. So after hearing of the story, Ii immediately researched about it and booked next day at South Australia at Nowhere Else where we found only two residents in the area, the name came from a bunch of drivers who got lost in the area who have found themselves in a deserted place.

“Bat Outta Hell” opens this May 27 in cinemas from Crystal Sky Multimedia.