The Flash Season Finale Spoilers: Barry Saves His Mom; Iris Fights For Eddie [WATCH VIDEO]

The Flash
The CW’s hit superhero series is capping its first season tonight and fans of the show have to be warned that the episode is  going to be a cry fest.

“There were four scenes in this finale that I not only couldn’t read without crying, but I couldn’t talk or think about them without crying hard. Hard. Like ugly-crying,” said Grant Gustin, the show’s star, in an interview with E! Online.

In another interview with IGN, Gustin reveals more about the preview for this episode, in that, he’s finally going to be able to talk to his mother, “Barry goes back and he’s with his mom the night that she was murdered and he’s there to save her. It’s really emotional.”

However, Barry’s changing of the past so that he can be able to do something about the night his mother died, will bring grave consequences. The original timeline can essentially alter the future and possibly erase some events and people who have helped Barry today.

The finale episode, Gustin warns, will be “incredibly gut wrenching, heart-breaking.”

Cast of The Flash
The penultimate episode, meanwhile, saw Iris and Eddie breaking it off, but it is still not over for this couple. As the actress who plays Iris, Candice Patton, tells the news outlet, “Despite what the future says, she knows that she loves Eddie and she’s going to fight for that relationship until the very last moment. So I don’t think she’s going to give up as easy as that. I think she loves Barry and I think that’s her one true love, but I don’t think she’s ready to go there yet. She’s going to see her relationship with Eddie until the very end.”

The finale will also lay the ground for what’s up next in Season 2, and as Danielle Panabaker, who plays Caitlin, revealed her sweet character may soon switch to villain status.

“From the beginning I knew that Caitlin Snow becomes Killer Frost. And I can’t wait to suit up and duke it out with the boys!” The actress said in her Reddit AMA.

Watch the extended teaser to “The Flash” season finale below. The episode will air tonight on The CW at 8.