WATCH: SNL’s Mayweather Pacquiao ‘Pirated Broadcast’ Spoof

Because last night’s telecast was all about the “fight of the century” between boxers Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao, “Saturday Night Live” decided to air a “pirated broadcast” of the sports event in order to boost its ratings. This was actually the cold opening to the night’s show which featured Scarlett Johansson as guest host.

Mayweather vs. Pacquiao 2015 (Wikipedia)SNL cast members Jay Pharoah and Aidy Bryant played Mayweather and Pacquiao respectively. The skit explained that since it was a pirated feed, some of the images may appear distorted and unusual, such as Mayweather being much taller than he actually is, and Pacquiao looking like a white female boxer who speaks Mexican (when Manny is a Filipino). There was also a brief appearance by Justin Bieber in the skit (played by SNL cast member Kate McKinnon). The young star is a well-known Mayweather supporter.

The “fight” featured a slow motion scene between the two boxers, which many say, was a lot more entertaining than the actual fight that happened on the ring that night.  But eventually, Mayweather and the referee (played by SNL cast member Kenan Thompson) walked away from the ring to watch the real fight that’s happening on HBO, leaving Pacquiao as the winner of this match.

In real life, Mayweather beat Pacquiao in the historical “fight of the century.”

Take a look at SNL’s spoof below:

In case you can’t watch the above video, here’s the alternative: