Patrick Schwarzenegger sends 100 roses to Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus

Patrick Schwarzenegger bought Miley Cyrus roses to win her back.

The pair went through a rocky patch in their relationship when the 21-year-old actor was photographed getting close to his ex-girlfriend in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico but has reportedly made things right between the pair by treating her to some romantic dinners and expressing his love through e-mails.

A source told “He was devastated when he thought she was going to dump him and really brought out the big guns to win her back.

“He bought her over 100 roses in assorted colours, he took her a number of amazing, romantic dinners, and more than anything he poured his heart out in a series of long emotional emails.”

The pair are said to be “all good” now following the rumours he had cheated.

Another insider said: “They’re all good. She doesn’t put up with c**p from guys. [But], they’re all good. He was stressed and upset. He told Miley she was the only one for him and begged for forgiveness.”

The couple, who have been dating since November, are said to be “planning a trip somewhere tropical” to prove their relationship is stronger than ever.