Bizarre news: 10cm parasite removed from head

A 29-year-old woman had a 10cm parasite removed from her head which started growing inside her brain after she lived off a diet of live frogs aged 5.

A woman had a 10cm parasite removed from her head which was caused by her living off a diet of live frogs as a child.

Yin Meng, from the Yunnan Province in south-west China, was forced to undergo a dangerous operation to remove the worm-like organism from her brain, despite fears she could face long-term damage.

Specialists who operated traced the infection back to the diet of live frogs the 29 year old lived off when she was just five.

A hospital spokesman said: “The woman was found to be suffering from a parasitic infection called Sparaganosis which has been growing inside her for years.

“The damage to her nervous system is quite extensive but we hope we can prevent it from being permanent as the brain has an amazing capacity to heal itself.”

Yin’s condition was discovered by doctors when she collapsed and explained she had been suffering from headaches for six years, reports the Metro newspaper.