Man sets car on fire after using lighter as a torch

car on fire

A man set his own car on fire after attempting to use his lighter as a torch while filling the vehicle with petrol.

A man set his car on fire after using a lighter as a torch while he refuelled.

The unidentified man was forced to walk to the nearest petrol station with a jerry can in the middle of the night when his motor ran empty and when he returned to his car he foolishly decided to use the flame to help him to see in the dark.

The lighter then ignited the fumes from the fuel, resulting in the blaze in western Victoria, Australia.

According to the Daily Star newspaper, police officer Brendan Broadbent, who claimed the man had “abandoned common sense”, said: “Because there was no light he’s actually, in the process of pouring fuel into his vehicle, he’s used his lighter to light up the area so he could see.

“Subsequently the fumes have ignited and the vehicle’s caught on fire.”