‘Gotham’ Season 4 Latest News & Update: Jerome is back with Penguin for more chaos

Photo by iDominick

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Photo by iDominick
Things are expected to get more interesting once “Gotham” Season 4 returns for its midseason. Before the show went on break, many may have caught that scene when Penguin (Robin Taylor) shared a cell with Jerome Valeska (Cameron Monaghan). And with those two together, one can only imagine the chaos about to ensue.

Aside from Jerome, another character is set to get an overhaul. According to Screen Rant, Peyton List has been cast on “Gotham” to take on the role of yet another incarnation of “Poison Ivy.” It was also mentioned in the same post that she will play a pivotal role in the transformation of Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz) to Batman.

Looking ahead, it will be interesting if the current season will be “Gotham’s” last. Before, it was mentioned that the show should be in no way tied up to the Dark Knight. Also, in the event that Batman does show up, “Gotham” Creator Bruno Heller had mentioned back in 2014 that such would spell the end of the show, the Wrap reported.

“For me, I always lose interest as soon as he gets into the costume. You can’t tell human stories with super-humans in the frame.”

Take note. This was Heller talking two years ago and a lot has changed since then. The age of Bruce was singled out as a reason but most have seen how the show has evolved ever since. So the better question is: do the fans want to see Batman and would it be good for the show?

Looking ahead, would the Disney-Fox deal affect “Gotham?” The ratings are not exactly convincing though the season is not over yet. “Gotham” Season 4 Episode 12 titled “Pieces of a Broken Mirror” returns on Mar. 1. Check out the trailer below.