Watch: ‘iZombie’ New Season 2 Teaser Now Out

11954598_301920633265047_8345050587624330774_n“iZombie” on The CW is set to return for season 2 on October 6 and in its first teaser out for the new season, it looks as though Liv wants to eat her friend’s brain.

The promo for the zombie series features Liv (Rose McIver) asking his friend and co-worker Ravi (Rahu Kohli) “for a piece of [his] brain right now.” Whether she means that literally or figuratively is something to be curious about, especially since Ravi already gave her the zombie cure he developed last season. Liv, however, used this on Major (Robert Buckley), her ex boyfriend.

Season 2 will still have Liv trying to live her life as normally as possible eve as she fights off hunger that her zombie brain lets her feel.

This new season will also have Liv working with an enemy, Blaine (David Anders), when they realize that zombies have slowly been dropping in numbers.

“It will make strange bedfellows of Blaine and Liv, who are both concerned about the dwindling zombies in season two,” said Rob Thomas, the show’s creator, during the Comic Con event last summer.

Here is the teaser to “iZombie” season 2 and check the show on The CW when it returns October 6 at 9 p.m.