‘Reverse’: ‘Star Ocean The Second Story R’ theme song from SUIREN now available

Japanese band, SUIREN, released their new digital EP ‘Reverse’ last January 24, showcasing their unique keyboard-laced rock sound.

SUIREN, formed in 2020 by vocalist Sui and keyboard player/arranger Ren, have won praise for their meticulous sound, centered on Sui’s piercing singing voice and ephemeral, fragile melodies. They are behind theme songs for multiple anime series and movies, drawing attention from music fans.

Reverse by SUIREN

The EP includes many gems, including the lead track “Eye Shadow,” along with “Stella,” which was used as the main theme song for Square Enix’s highly anticipated game, “STAR OCEAN THE SECOND STORY R,” a remake of the classic “STAR OCEAN” role playing game. The EP combines the refined keyboard sound that is the core of SUIREN with the appeal of Sui’s penetrating high-tone voice.

SUIREN’s music has been featured on many official playlists on major streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music, and continue to rapidly gain attention as Internet artists.

In 2022, they began writing theme songs for various anime series and movies, and also began performing live, building the foundations of a powerful career.

Japanese band SUIREN