THE MORTAL’s album ‘I AM MORTAL’ gets first ever vinyl release

Japanese band THE MORTAL was formed in 2005 by BUCK-TICK member Atsushi Sakurai. The lineup featured Sakurai (vocals), Jake Cloudchair (guitar), Yukio Murata (guitar), Ken Miyo (bass) and Takahiko Akiyama (drums).

Together with his band members, Sakurai created a unique lyrical style that deeply examined topics such as life and death, the essence of humanity, the malice and hatred nested in the depths of the heart, the passion and reason that sway with the breeze, society and organizations, the friction and alienation rampant in the outside world, self-love and self-discipline, and a dark and gloomy spiritual world.

Now, THE MORTAL’s first album titled, “I AM MORTAL,” originally released on November 11, 2015, will be made available on vinyl for the very first time on March 7, 2024.

This special vinyl edition was remastered and pressed by Toru Kotetsu, a leader in Japan’s vinyl production industry, to create a release that will allow listeners to experience the highest possible sound quality while preserving the atmosphere of the original release.

In addition, a vinyl version of Sakurai’s only solo album “Ai no Wakusei,” originally released on June 23, 2004, will also be released on the same day.