‘Wonder Woman’ star Gal Gadot expecting third baby

Gal Gadot is expecting her third child with husband Jaron Varsano, a sibling for Maya, three, and Alma, nine.

The ‘Wonder Woman’ star has confirmed that she and her husband Jaron Varsano are set to welcome their third child – a sibling for Maya, three, and Alma, nine.

Sharing a family photo, she captioned it: “Here we go again … @JaronVarsano (sic)”

Meanwhile, Gal previously confessed she felt “like a God” when she had her children.

Sharing her own ‘Wonder Woman’ experience, she said: “When I had my two daughters. I know this sounds cheesy, but you feel like you are a God when you deliver your children. It’s like, ‘I made this!’ The best feeling in the world is to become a mother and give life.”

And Gal admitted she was a lot more relaxed around her second pregnancy because she’d been through it before, and when Maya was born, she needed to focus more on Alma’s needs.

She said: “I was a lot more nervous with my first pregnancy but with Maya I was at ease. It’s different because you have that experience behind you when you have a second child.

“When Maya was born, I felt like I needed to empower Alma because she was the one who would go through the big change in her life by having a baby sister. Maya just needed affection and warmth. Alma was the one who needed attention. She’s an amazing big sister.”

Gal also explained the origins of her kids’ names – Maya and Alma.

Speaking about her children’s monikers, she added: “Maya is named after Maya Angelou. In ancient Hebrew, Alma means universe and in Spanish it means soul. I think both are lovely names. I’m so grateful to have two beautiful girls.”