Mandy Moore changes birth plan due to low platelet count

Mandy Moore

Mandy Moore’s “birth plan” has changed after she discovered she has a low platelet count, which can sometimes signal pregnancy complications.

The ‘This Is Us’ star is currently expecting her first child with her husband Taylor Goldsmith, and has revealed she’s “sadly” had to alter the plans she put in place to deliver her baby, after a routine check-up revealed her platelet count had “dropped exponentially”.

She wrote on her Instagram Story: “Weekly platelet check at the hematologist. My platelets have dropped exponentially during pregnancy and it’s sadly altered my birth “plan”. Any other pregnant folk in the same boat?”

While Mandy Moore didn’t reveal any further information about her platelet count, a very low count can sometimes signal a problem with the pregnancy, including a rare complication of pre-eclampsia – which is a condition that causes high blood pressure and can be serious if not treated – in late pregnancy.

Meanwhile, Mandy recently said she was “fully prepared to have surgery” in order to have a baby, as she was diagnosed with endometriosis – a medical condition that affects the tissue of the uterus and can cause infertility – before falling pregnant.

She explained: “I was fully prepared to go have surgery and fix my uterus and hopefully get rid of the endometriosis, if it was there.

“It was nice to have a plan and to know ‘OK, well this is why I haven’t been pregnant yet.’ ”

After being informed she was ovulating but that she only had a small chance of conception due to her condition Mandy took matters into her own hands and “lo and behold” she ended up with a positive pregnancy test.

Mandy Moore, who has been married to Taylor since 2018,  also previously admitted that she felt fortunate to have been pregnant during the coronavirus pandemic because she had been suffering with bad morning sickness but was able to cope with the pregnancy side effect because she was at home and not working.

Speaking back in November, she shared: “I don’t know how women do it.

“I literally woke up and was sick all day long. I couldn’t eat, I lost a bunch of weight. I just stayed in bed all day.

“But luckily, I know that’s not the case for everybody, that it sometimes can persevere for the entire pregnancy.”