‘Jaws’ Remake in Development with Steven Spielberg as Producer


The classic movie franchise “Jaws” might land another installment as reports revealed Universal Pictures is planning to do a remake. The studio is also said to be asking Steven Spielberg on board to produce the upcoming thriller.

According to We Got This Covered, Universal is in the early development of the “Jaws” remake. The planned movie is reportedly going to be similar to the first film, which was an adaptation of the 1974 novel by Peter Benchley. The story will also focus on a summer resort town with many potential tourist victims.

The movie in development is supposed to be set in the modern-day with a completely new cast of characters. Details for the project have been scarce.

But Universal is also reportedly eyeing Andy Muschietti to direct “Jaws” as Spielberg once said that he will never direct a remake, thus the likelihood of a producer role. The Argentinian director is behind the “It” thrillers from 2017 and 2019.

In 1975, Spielberg directed “Jaws” which became a cinema classic. The film stared Roy Schreider, Richard Dreyfuss and Robert Shaw and as a summer blockbuster, it was regarded as one of the greatest movies ever made.

“Jaws” established a legacy in the movie industry and become one of the first movies to prove that summer releases from major studios are big box office contenders. It also became the template for future thrillers, including Spielberg’s “Piranha.”

The movie eventually spawned three sequels, which did not earn the same success as the original. Thus, Spielberg said, at that time, that sequels are a “cheap carny trick” even as he considered doing the second film.