Weinstein accuser ‘elated’ over indictment

One of Harvey Weinstein’s accusers said Friday she was “elated” at seeing him indicted for rape and sex crime.

Louise Godbold was one of dozens of actresses, models and ex-employees who went public last year with bombshell allegations of sexual assault and harassment against disgraced Hollywood mogul Weinstein.

He has denied all the allegations made against him.

“I’m glad we’re finally seeing something that looks like closure,” said Godbold, a 55-year-old former film producer, who heads a parenting and education NGO in Los Angeles.

In an October 9 blog post and Democracy Now TV interview, British-born Godbold alleged that Weinstein cornered her while giving her a tour of his office in 1991, begged her for a massage and put her hand on his crotch.

She also described another encounter a few weeks later in a suite in a Los Angeles hotel, where she says Weinstein stripped naked and pressured her into giving him a massage.

While she is not involved in the case against him, Godbold said that if convicted of rape Weinstein should receive “the same punishment our society deems the right punishment for rapists, regardless of status.”

She also wants to see the fallen movie titan stripped of “his power, his wealth and his influence because I don’t want ever for anyone, Harvey or anyone like him, to be able to use those things to dominate and abuse other people.” (AFP)