‘Suits’ Spinoff In The Works? Who Is Going To Headline?

“Suits” Season 6 has just premiered a couple of weeks ago and the show’s fate when it comes to renewal or cancellation remains uncertain at this point. Show creator Aaron Korsh is optimistic the show could extend for another season. But he also believes that if it does happen, “Suits” Season 7 would be the last one.

Could a potential spinoff happen?

Zap2it makes a case for Jessica Pearson (Gina Torres) to headline in the spinoff, citing that since the male characters are already “layered and well-thought,” it’s time for the women to shine. Among them, Jessica Peason’s character would have the most potential to star in her own TV show. Donna and Rachel are likely to stay tied to Harvey and Mike in the TV world.

In a fan forum for Suits on Reddit, Donna’s spinoff would look a lot like a “Sex and The City” series. But one suggestion stated, “I might be interested in a Harvey and Donna prequel about his time at the DA.”

A Louis Litt-led spinoff might also look better because the character is easily the best character on the show. Where do you stand on this potential spinoff for “Suits”? Or would you rather “Suits” continue for many more seasons?