Laguna Water promotes used water management with Mobile Lakbayan and Toka-Toka


Laguna Water, in coordination with Metro Manila’s East Zone concessionaire Manila Water, began to implement the Mobile Lakbayan and Toka-Toka programs to stress the importance of proper used water management as a significant contributor to clean water systems to Calamba, Binan, Sta. Rosa and Cabuyao in Laguna.

In bringing these programs to the province, the company aims to raise environmental consciousness and stewardship among Lagunenses.

The Mobile Lakbayan is an information program that showcases not only the various stages of transforming raw water into potable water that reaches the household taps but also the stringent steps of treating used water prior to discharge to the bodies of water. The program promotes the wise use of water and the need to protect our water sources.

On the other hand, the Toka-Toka program solicits cooperative volunteerism across different sectors of society to do their share in reviving rivers and waterways and reduce, if not eradicate, pollution in the different water bodies. This advocacy program also encourages people to pledge simple acts for the environment such as proper disposal of waste, desludging of septic tanks every five to seven years as well as community participation in used water and sanitation programs.

A Pledge for the Environment was signed by Laguna Water and representatives from local government units, national agencies, barangay offices and socio-civic organizations, representing their commitment in upholding the value of stewardship carried by both programs.

To date, more than 2,500 Lagunenses have already participated in the two programs and pledged their commitment to help save and rehabilitate rivers and water systems in Laguna. Laguna Water is expected to bring these environmental programs to more cities and municipalities in Laguna.