Globe announces highly-successful pilot run of Digital Thumbprint Program


Leading telecommunications company Globe Telecom announces the highly-successful pilot run of the Digital Thumbprint Program (DTP), the award-winning brainchild of Optus and Singtel first deployed in Australia. It was designed to increase high school students’ knowledge of digital citizenship and cyber safety by taking a critical look at their online behavior and helping them develop insights into the influences of the online world and the choices they are making.

“By empowering a generation of students with digital savvy and leadership skills, Globe is giving them a way to understand the individual impact of their decisions and actions as well as enhances their view of how technology can be used to create a #WonderfulPH,” said Fernando Esguerra, Director of Globe Corporate Social Responsibility.

He added: “The youth is greatly represented in the online community. Thus, to prepare them for the immense benefits that a digital nation brings, we want them to learn how to discern proper online behavior, be aware of technology’s impact on their social activities, and develop skills on how to use technology to help them achieve life goals.”

An assessment conducted by global consulting firm Karrikins Group of Australia showed that DTP had a very high impact among students of the two pilot schools —- Dasmarinas East National High School in Dasmarinas, Cavite and Sico 1.0 National High School in San Juan, Batangas — particularly on the topic of privacy and security settings on social media platforms.

“Key outcomes are increased knowledge, shift in the behavior of Filipino youth to improve their digital safety and security, and increased digital responsibility and etiquette. Leadership and empowerment outcomes also showed a positive attitudinal shift. With the success of its first period of delivery, Globe can be confident they can increase the reach and impact of the program at scale,” Karrikins said in its report.

The pilot reached over 2,280 students with more than half or 1,266 students and 36 teachers participating in the survey. Based on the results, 96.7% of the students expressed satisfaction and enjoyment from the DTP workshops; 94.4% of students found the workshops relevant; and 100% of teachers said that their students learned something important and that the workshops were grade-level appropriate. The program also received a Net Promoter Score of 91.7 from the teachers who said they would recommend it to other schools.

The three DTP workshops use captivating, classroom-appropriate case studies and activities to stimulate and challenge. Digital Insight covers concepts on information security and online business models; Digital Impact focuses on the impact students have on themselves and others, including how to help friends who may be facing anti-social activity; and Digital Ambition helps equip students with strategies on how to use technology to aid rather than distract from their ambitions.

Karrikins was commissioned by Globe to conduct an evaluation of DTP effectiveness and impact to ensure that the program is able to deliver the highest quality education and behavioral change both online and offline.