Globe Business primes PH education system


Recognizing the impact of technology in the education system, Globe Telecom through its information and communications technology (ICT) arm Globe Business, realizes that the integration of technology and innovative education solutions could answer issues confronting the Philippine education system. Working with the education sector, Globe Business targets the ubiquity of mobile access and its growing connected base, improving the service and answering the difficulties with innovative solutions.

Globe partnered with top companies such as Brightspace of D2L, Educube of Globals and Flipside to find innovative solutions to offer Philippine schools and students access to a global learning experience. Brightspace provides more than a simple course of management capabilities on a Learning Management System (LMS). It is the only accessible, intuitive and Integrated Learning Platform that provides an engaging learning experience and predictive data-driven analytics while empowering teachers to teach the way they prefer to and inspiring students to learn the way they want them to learn.

Educube, a school management system recognized worldwide, is a cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for schools that help streamline and automate the school’s business processes.

A pioneer in the Global eBook industry, Flipside has serviced some of the largest publishers in the world. Flipside uses its expertise to enable schools to develop and provide affordable educational content through digital libraries, eBook creation and distribution. The solutions that have been provided are all available to teachers and students at the touch of a mobile device.

“Education is probably the most impactful long-term development goal that technology can aid. In terms of relevance, Filipinos place education at the top of their priorities as a means to equalize access to opportunities and lift families from poverty. There are also clear opportunities in content and access, the latter being particularly addressable through mobile and broadband infrastructure,” Mike Frausing, Globe Senior Advisor for Enterprise and IT Enabled Services Group.

He added, “With a very high pervasiveness rate, mobile phones and portable devices are now affordable and top 100% in population penetration, potentially providing a direct connection to all, anywhere, anytime. With an incrementally growing connected base, broadband penetration is increasing rapidly, bringing more Filipinos to the Internet, seeding more connected digital communities.”

“With this in mind, we are setting in motion the country’s mEducation and eLearning segments through a robust suite of Education Solutions, hinged upon our core value proposition of lifelong learning. This is by way of corresponding tools for richer learning, more effective teaching, and efficient administration. We are hopeful that these initiatives commence ‘a powerful shift in the way education is delivered’,” Frausing emphasized.

As a leader in mobile technology, innovation and digital services, Globe has been in mEducation since its participation in Text2Teach, conceptualized in 2003 by Nokia, Pearson, the International Youth Foundation (IYF) and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). Text2Teach has demonstrated its impact to the education system and its relevance to the Filipino student and teacher through integration of ICT with content.