’Rambo: New Blood’ Heading to Television With Sylvester Stallone

Wikimedia Commons
Wikimedia Commons

Sylvester Stallone is bringing “Rambo” to TV and Rambo’s son, J.R., is tagging along.

Stallone revealed that he’s working on a television deal with Fox for “Rambo: New Blood,” and along with this news, it’s the very first time that the son has cropped up in the character’s story.

According to Deadline , the movie will follow what happens after the fourth film, but it’s still not certain whether the actor will reprise his role as John Rambo or have the character of the son continue the legacy. J.R. is described as an former Navy Seal.

The show will be written by Jeb Stuart (“Die Hard”) and produced by Millennium Films and Entertainment One. The project has been in the plans since two years ago, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

“Rambo” the TV series was long planned for development. The franchise include “First Blood,” “Rambo: First Blood Part II,” “Rambo III” and “Rambo.” With four films in its franchise, “Rambo” has also spawned a cartoon version for the kids with “Rambo: The Force of Freedom.” There were plans to do “Rambo: Last Blood,” last decade but the movie project was shelved.

“Rambo” is about a Green Beret soldier and Vietnam War veteran.