Former ‘TOP GEAR’ Hosts Jeremy Clarkson, James Mays and Richard Hammond In Talks for a Netflix Series; BBC Announces Auto Show’s Return

Top Gear Hosts
James Mays and Richard Hammond are said to be reuniting with fired “Top Gear” host Jeremy Clarkson for a new series on Netflix. The pair, who had the option to return to their former BBC series sans the lead presenter, have also turned down a million dollar offer by the broadcasting company in line with this new arrangement.

A source allegedly revealed via Mirror that the three former co-workers, along with an executive producer in the car series, are close to signing a deal with the streaming site. They have also reportedly been in talks with several networks, but it looks like the trio is set towards launching a brand new series on Netflix.

No amoung of money can make Mays and Hammond do another show without Clarkson, the source apparently revealed. Clarkson was fired from the series back in March following an altercation with one of the show’s producers, sending him to the hospital.

“Flattering though it is to be offered huge sums there’ll be no going back. It wouldn’t feel right and their heart wouldn’t be in it,” the source said, as reported in Mirror.

“They’ve always said they come as a team and that hasn’t changed,” the source added.

If this new deal pushes through, the three could stand to earn more than when they were still working on BBC.

Meanwhile,  BBC has announced that “Top Gear” is set to return on U.K. television very soon. The show’s official page is already running new teasers for its British audience. The new episode is a one-off engagement and will still feature the three hosts, with scenes shot before the fracas happened