Agents of SHIELD Spinoff in the Works! 5 Things You Should Know

Agents of Shield Spinoff
Agents of Shield is about to get a spinoff from Marvel

While a third season of “Agents of the SHIELD” has yet to be officially confirmed by network ABC, the show, which is currently enjoying a decent second season run, is about to get a spinoff from Marvel.

The reports about the planned spinoff are still unclear but here are some details so far:

1. Compared to Marvel’s “Agent Carter,” which is set in the early 60’s, this new spinoff will be set in modern times, that is, in the modern era of the Marvel universe.

2. The people behind the project are Jeffrey Bell and Paul Zbyszewski. Bell has been executive producer for SHIELD, while Zbyszewski has experience writing for “Lost.”

3. Expect to see the spinoff’s story elements on the current run of “Agents of the SHIELD.” Although Entertainment Weekly reports that it will not be a backdoor pilot — as it is sometimes done with spinoffs —- the groundwork will be developed in the existing show. When SHIELD concludes its Season 2, the framework for the spinoff should be well-defined.

4. The show will still run on ABC, like most of Marvel’s television series, being part of the Disney banner. However, the airing could begin by mid-season, given the timing of the planning.

5. The plan, however, may still be subjected to changes and it could not even officially takeoff. ABC has to make final calls when it comes to programming matters. The first order of business is to actually make sure that “Agents of SHIELD” gets renewed for Season 3. ABC usually makes their announcements for next season’s slate mid-May.

Currently, “Agents of SHIELD” is not a ratings powerhouse for ABC. However, the show remains integral to the network and its parent company Disney, especially competing against Warner Bros Television for the audience’s attention. The latter company is attached to various superhero related shows with DC Comics and The CW (“Arrow” and “The Flash”).