‘The Walking Dead’ Spinoff: Five Things You Need To Know

The spinoff to “The Walking Dead” was confirmed with a two-season order this March and here’s what you need to know about the latest zombie series.

  1. As of press time, the show still has no confirmed title. Its working title, however, is “Cobalt” and a leaked script to the pilot episode surfaced in January with the title “Fear the Walking Dead.”
  2. With its series confirmation, the show is set to premiere this summer. It will be a short season with only six episodes. Its second season is set for 2016.
  3. It is devised as a prequel to “The Walking Dead,” and will take place in Los Angeles instead of the East Coast, the site of the current series. The timeline will chart how the outbreak started, and will basically cover the period while Rick is lying in a coma in the original series.

The spinoff will be a deviation from the novels. As co-creator Robert Kirkman said in an interview back in 2014, it will be completely “unrelated to the comics.” You don’t need to keep tabs of the current series to be able to follow the spinoff’s story.

  1. The fundamentals of the spinoff will focus on a family and actors already cast in the show so far are:
  • Cliff Curtis, a divorced teacher named Sean Cabrera
  • Kim Dickens, a guidance counselor and the teacher’s girlfriend named Nancy
  • Frank Dillane and Alycia Debnam Carey, as the son and daughter of the guidance counselor
  1. It is not yet confirmed whether there will be an overlap between the two series, although it is usually common for spinoff and parent shows to do so.

The first publicity photos of Curtis and Dickens as published on Forbes, however, show that the characters are clean, groomed and well-dressed. It suggests that they have yet to live through the apocalypse. But cast members from the original series may appear in this timeline, using creative license. Can we hope to see Daryl, Carol and the rest of the original characters before the plague erupted?

Are you psyched for the spinoff series to “The Walking Dead?”