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Pope Francis (photo by Aleteia Image Department/ Flickr)

Pope Francis recalls cost of war at WWII site

Pope Francis called war “the destruction of ourselves” during visits Thursday to an American military cemetery and the site of a Nazi massacre in Rome as he marked the Catholic All Souls’ Day commemorating the dead.

Pope Francis [photo: Commons Wikimedia/Chief Petty Officer Nick Ameen]

‘God is weeping’ – Pope Francis

In his solemn but powerful sermon last week,Pope Francis told churchgoers that “God is weeping” today because the world has rejected peace and instead chose the path of war.

Pope Francis movie

[WATCH] Pope Francis story showing in theaters this September 30

Earlier this year, last January, Pope Francis, the leader of the world’s more than 1 billion Catholics visited the country who inspired and left an unforgettable imprint within the nation with his warm, sincere and jolly persona as he evangelized of the gospel and God’s love for the mankind.