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Anton Shingarev, Vice President for Public Affairs & Head of the CEO Office at Kaspersky Lab

Kaspersky Lab moves core infrastructure from Russia to Switzerland

As part of its Global Transparency Initiative, Kaspersky Lab is adapting its infrastructure to move a number of core processes from Russia to Switzerland.

Kaspersky Lab_CyberSecuritySummit 2017_01

Kaspersky Lab Reveals PH Threat Landscape, Advocates Public-Private Collaboration in its First CyberSecurity Summit with the DICT

Kaspersky Lab, in cooperation with the Department of Communication and Information Technology (DICT), held its first-ever cybersecurity summit in the Philippines last Thursday, August 03, to jump-start the collaboration of the two entities in helping the local business sector understand, evaluate, and strengthen their cybersecurity policies.

Kaspersky Lab_Asian Cyber Surge

Kaspersky Lab joins INTERPOL-led Cybercrime Operation across ASEAN

Kaspersky Lab today announced its participation in a groundbreaking INTERPOL-led cybercrime operation involving public and private sectors across the ASEAN region. Nearly 9,000 botnet command and control (C2) servers and hundreds of compromised websites, including government portals were identified from the activity.

Kaspersky Lab_Digital Clutter

Poor Device and App Care Leaves Users Drowning in Digital Clutter, Kaspersky Lab Study Reveals

Digital clutter is growing due to an explosion in application usage and advances in the storage capacity of devices. But poor maintenance of these apps is leaving devices vulnerable to security threats. A new report by Kaspersky Lab reveals the scale of the digital clutter problem among internet users worldwide.

Kaspersky Lab_Adwind

Adwind switches to business: used against targets in over 100 countries and territories

Kaspersky Lab has detected a massive new hit by the Adwind Remote Access Tool (RAT). This multifunctional backdoor has been used in attacks against more than 1,500 organizations in over 100 countries and territories including the Philippines.

Kaspersky Lab_Malware Report Q1 2016

Ransom Aware: Kaspersky Lab detected a 14% increase in new ransomware modifications in Q1 2016

Ransomware has overtaken news about APT attacks to become the main topic of the quarter. According to Kaspersky Lab’s Q1 malware report, the company’s experts detected 2,900 new malware modifications during the quarter, an increase of 14 percent on the previous quarter.