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BAN Toxics statement on the mercury spill in Manila Science High School

The reported mercury spill in Manila Science High School’s laboratory last March 11 exposed five people to the toxic chemical and has already led to the hospitalization of one teacher. In 2006, at least 24 students of St. Andrew’s School, Paranaque also fell ill and were sent to the hospital after being exposed to mercury that was meant for a laboratory experiment. More than a decade has passed between these incidents, but our children continue to be at risk of mercury poisoning in their own schools.


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Globe, Molave App Challenge Cebu 2016: Helping children read and write in Cebuano

“We want to advance Globe Telecom’s education initiatives by coming out with top-quality content in learning areas that are underserved. The tri-lingual system is a key cause of lack of basic reading comprehension. With poor reading skills, students are ill-equipped to learn other key subjects such as Math and Science. Literacy in the mother tongue is an essential component in the foundation of early learning. Thus, we didn’t hesitate to accept the request of Molave Development Foundation to mount an app challenge encouraging developers to create an educational app that can teach K-3 students about reading, writing, and comprehending Cebuano,” said Michelle Tapia, Head of Education and Digital Learning under Corporate Strategy and Business Development Group of Globe.


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All DepEd school divisions nationwide to benefit from expanded Global Filipino School (GFS) program of Globe Telecom

All 221 school divisions of the Department of Education (DepEd) nationwide are expected to benefit from the five-year expanded Global Filipino School (GFS) program of Globe Telecom which intends to transform select public schools into centers of excellence in information and communications technology and innovative teaching methods.

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