‘Downton Abbey’ Movie Open To Sequels

The movie treatment of the period drama “Downton Abbey” has finally premiered in London and there could be follow-up according to creator Julian Fellowes. However, the sequel will depend on how the fans are receptive for the film.


Universal Cancels Damon Lidelof’s ‘The Hunt’ In the Wake of Mass Shootings

Following the mass shooting incidents in Dayton, Ohio and El Paso, Texas, Universal has decided not to release the movie “The Hunt” written by Damon Lindelof and Nick Cuse and directed by Craig Zobel. The movie was supposed to be in theaters on Sept. 27 but the studio will suspend promotions and pull it off the release schedule.

Michelle Williams, Billy Crudup and Julianne Moore in "After The Wedding"

‘After The Wedding’ News: Julianne Moore speaks on latest acting challenge

A remake of the Oscar-nominated (Foreign Language) Susanne Bier’s Danish film, the latest film of the same title After The Wedding is directed by Bart Freundlich that exposes a long-hidden truth, ripping an old wound and revealing a new secret, which alters the course of the lives of Theresa (Moore), Isabel (Michelle Williams), Oscar (Billy Crudup) and Grace (Abby Quinn). #AfterTheWedding

Billy Crudup, Abby Quinn and Julianne Moore in "AFTER THE WEDDING"

‘After The Wedding’ hits theaters on August 14

A poignant drama with a powerhouse, female-led cast, “After the Wedding” tells the story of Isabel (Williams), who’s running an orphanage in Calcutta, India that also faces potential suspension due to dwindling funds. Soon enough, a potential donor comes knocking at their door, philanthropist Theresa Young (Moore) who insists that Isabel travels to New York to deliver a presentation for her orphanage.