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Generation Z Poster

‘Generation Z’ offers an Undead kind of a theme park vacation [WATCH]

Welcome to a vacation spot like no other in the horror-thriller “Generation Z,” (also known as “The ReZort”) where an unusual kind of theme park is created to entertain visitors interacting with zombies as its main attraction. But all hell breaks loose when a zombie- rights activist hacks into the park’s security system and uploads a virus which disables all security settings releasing thousands of zombies back into the wild.

Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis stars as ruthless crime lord in ‘Precarious Cargo’

Actor Bruce Willis, who practically invented the gleeful and gritty action hero playing the wise-cracking police detective John McClane in the classic “Die Hard” film series is back on familiar ground playing crime boss Eddie Filosa in “Precious Cargo” which also stars Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Claire Forlani.