Commuter network appeals to LTFRB: Allow hatchbacks for TNVS

Commuter network The Passenger Forum today asked the Land Transportation Franchise and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) to “allow hatchback cars to be used for ride-sharing purposes.”

TPF’s call came a day after Hatchback Community, an organization of about 1,000 TNVS drivers facing deactivation, said that the LTFRB has refused to grant permits to its members.

Primo Morillo, Convenor of TPF, said, “We can still remember that the issue of hatchbacks was already tackled and resolved back in February 2018 when the LTFRB issued Memorandum Circular No. 2018-005. We don’t know how come that after they allowed hatchbacks last year albeit with certain conditions, they suddenly changed their tune and disallowed compact cars summarily.”

LTFRB MC 2018-005 has set three conditions in allowing hatchback TNVS units: it will be only for a transition period of three years, that it will be limited in Metro Manila, and that a different price scheme will govern hatchbacks.

Morillo reminded the LTFRB that their policy affects not just drivers and their families but also regular commuters. Both TPF and Hatchback Community warned of surge pricing once deactivation of TNVS units commence.

“With the fact that a great majority of daily commuters are workers, we are afraid that changing rules for hatchbacks also has adverse effects on labor productivity and on our economy in general,” he added.