Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro close to dethroning Apple’s MacBook Pro

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro (photo by imocheezy via Twitter)

Notebook Pro (photo by imocheezy via Twitter)

’s is undoubtedly one of the best notebooks to get though there have been a couple of aspiring competitors trying to unseat it. Among them include Xiaomi who has gained notoriety for providing alternatives ranging from mobile phones to laptops.

Xiaomi has gained prestige for keeping prices low while offering stunningly impressive features. While most have seen that on the Xiaomi flagships, it seems the Chinese company is carrying all that over to the Pro.

The similar features offered by the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro

Most of the features the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro carries are closely similar what the MacBook Pro offers. That includes an array of ports that includes the USB-A, two USB-C, full-size HDMI, and an SD card slot aside from the aesthetic design if offers.

Advanced biometric security is also present. The Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro comes with a fingerprint reader, something that is built into the notebook’s trackpad. Incidentally, the trackpad functions fairly similar to Apple’s Force Touch technology – one likely to garner the attention of critics.

At first glance, the Xiaomi notebook deceivingly looks light to carry around. Compared to an actual MacBook though, many may be surprised at the slight thickness it was designed with. Considering the savings a potential buyer stands to get, that may hardly matter.

The difference may be glaring

As most know, Apple has been known for delivering quality color production. This is one reason why Apple devices have been preferred when it comes to photo and video editing.

Apparently, this is one of the departments that Xiaomi has been unable to equal. It offers an ultra-glossy panel where the resolution is only good for up to 1080p. This may not matter much to customers unless the one buying it is actually a specialist who places preference to detail. And if that were the case, most know that quality rendering would entail the right amount of investment.

The Savings

Quality aside, the pricing matrix of the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro should explain why some would seriously consider getting one. Prices start at about $850 for the i5 model with 8 GB RAM while the i7 model with 16 GB of RAM and Nvidia’s entry-level GeForce MX150 GPU costs $1,070 a pop.

From there, buyers may more or less gauge if the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro is worth buying. Folks who have gotten used to a MacBook may have varying takes, especially for those who place emphasis on the screen resolution depth.

With that in mind, new buyers on the prowl for a reliable laptop to use may want to take a gander at the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro. The company has been successful in the mobile phone niche and it seems they are well on their way to doing that in the laptop niche too.