International Designers Take on ‘Antwerp 6′ In Design Genius S4


The City of Fashion becomes an arena for the battle of unconventional styles.

June 2017 , Fashion One – Straight from the world’s fashion capital in Belgium, Fashion One –– the leading -based international fashion, entertainment and lifestyle network –– has invited a new set of up and coming designers from around the world to be part of television’s most challenging and unconventional fashion battle there is, Season 4: Antwerp.

Six talented fashion designers from France, Sweden, Greece and the U.S.A. come together in this high-intensity style creation competition for a chance to win $10,000 and title of ‘Design Genius Antwerp.’ Following in the footsteps of the host city’s infamous Antwerp Six, the contestants will have to fire up their creativity and innovative skills when making accessories to complete a whole wardrobe out of unusual or even bizarre materials, daring them to make the unimaginable, fashionable under extreme time pressure.

There’s no better way to describe the next season other than ‘Magically Enchanted’:

Metamorphosing a child’s toy chest into real life Viking garb; turning Van Gogh artwork into a fashion masterpiece; transforming mad tech science into tantalizing burlesque attire; and conjuring a dream wedding dress straight from the pages of a storybook, literally. Expect the unexpected from this season’s out of this world design competition!

The bar is set high for the competitors when determining who is worthy enough to become the next Design Genius champion. Coming back on the show to assume the responsibility for this mystical decision as jurors are host extraordinaire Dan Babic, the fabulous international designer Lizzi London, and L.A.’s most sought after designer and stylist to the stars Winnie T. Stackz.

Design Genius Season 4: Antwerp airs every Thursday, starting on July 6, 2017 at 7 pm (GMT+8) in Asia, only on Fashion One. Check your cable operator for local listings.