‘Fuller House’ Season 2 Loses Viewers On Netflix, Unofficial Numbers Reveal

’s most popular series “” has lost viewers in its Season 2 launch. Numbers from the unofficial ratings measurement agency Symphony Advanced Media reveal that viewership of the episodes launched on Friday, Dec. 9, dropped to 62 percent.

Only 9 percent of “Fuller House” viewers from the first season apparently stuck around to watch the second season. Variety stated:

“The report also asserted that the average rating for the entire 13-episode first season was inflated by high viewership for the premiere, and that there was significant drop-off from episode one, season one to episode two, season one. With percentage change from episode one, season one to episode two, season one similar to the percentage change from season one to season two, Symphony concluded that viewers who remained loyal to the show throughout season one have largely driven viewership for season two.”

The spinoff to the 90s series “Full House” centers on the Tanner kids who have already grown up — DJ () and Stephanie (), as well as their neighbor Kimmy (). But former cast members , , David Coulier and appear as guest stars in some of the episodes.

Missing from the show is Mary Kate and who alternatively played when they were little kids. The show is created by . He recently confirmed that he bought the original house in San Francisco to turn into a museum for the fans and perhaps to use for Season 3. It’s still unclear if Netflix will renew the show.