Tim Tebow Latest News: Return To The NFL Still Lingers

Tim Tebow [photo credits: Clemed via Wikimedia Commons]

Tim Tebow [photo credits: Clemed via Wikimedia Commons]

Tim Tebow has been out of the NFL since 2015 but that hasn’t dampened the spirit of the 28-year-old former Heisman Trophy winner for a future stint.

The closest Tim Tebow had was last year with the Philadelphia Eagles as a third-string quarterback but failed to make the cut. Since then, Tebow has devoted must of his time doing charity work and preaching to Christians.

Everyone knows that his best years came when he was with the Denver Broncos, ironically a team on the prowl for a suitable quarterback. There was a petition for Tebow but unfortunately the Broncos don’t seem inclined to even give Tebow a chance.

With that said, Tebow’s closest to quarterbacking came during Cam Newton’s celebrity kickball game which took place last week. Having played the game once again, Tebow did mention on “Larry King Now” that he hasn’t given up on his dream.

“I’ve talked to a lot of my friends who are in the league and playing and all around, so yeah,” said Tebow via the New York Daily News.

The last time that Tim Tebow played competitive ball was way back in 2012, the year when the Broncos traded him to the New York Jets after Denver had acquired Peyton Manning. It was all downhill from there with Tebow having little luck with other clubs like the New England Patriots and then the Eagles.

Despite his unfortunate progress in the NFL, Tebow remains positive that he may still one day return. he is still young and is holding on to the same morals he has been preaching in the Christian world.

“You pursue what’s on your heart, you pursue what you’re passionate about and for me in the game of football, is the position of quarterback,” Tebow said via NBC. “You don’t do things necessarily because other people want you to, you do what’s on your heart, what you’re passionate about and that’s what I tried to do.”