Wrestlemania 31 Rumors: Will it be Lesnar or Reigns?

Brock Lesnar (Wikipedia)
Brock Lesnar (Wikipedia)
Wrestlemania is practically hours away and many are of course wondering who will end up raising his arms in triumph in the main event. Will it be Brock Lesnar raising his arms in triumph or will it be the rising star named Roman Reigns, Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson’s cousin?

Initially, there were leaks that Roman Reigns will win it all. Despite a tumultuous road towards earning his spot towards the annual WWE event, Reigns weathered a lot of obstacles which all started when he won the 2015 Royal Rumble.

It will be recalled that the WWE Universe disapproved the way things turned out despite Reigns being a rising fan favorite leading to the Royal Rumble.

Somehow, the ending didn’t pan out and there were subsequent boos in the background that were eventually drowned out when the Rock made a surprise appearance when Reigns was being double teamed by the Big Show and Kane.

The WWE had to patch things up, using WWE Fastlane which saw Reigns earning his spot once again when he faced off with fan-favorite Daniel Bryan. Reigns came out on top once more and from there, it was presumed that Reigns will be the next WWE heavyweight champion.

Further supporting that angle was the fact that Brock Lesnar was having issues with the WWE regarding his contract. Lesnar’s contract will expire after Wrestlemania and there were apprehensions that Lesnar would return to the UFC.

That angle all the more got some headway when Lesnar made a surprise appearance at a UFC event.

The smoke cleared however when Lesnar bared on an episode of Saturday Night Live that he had already re-signed with the WWE and that his UFC career is a closed book.

When that came out in the open, it was pretty clear that the WWE was back on track, presumably because Lesnar is one of the stars that is keeping fans glued to the WWE.

Does it follow then that Lesnar would retain his championship? The reality of it all is that this would be the most likely angle considering the fact that fans are not too eager to follow Reigns despite the push that Triple H and Vince McMahon were giving the Samoan.

But then again, you can also consider the fact that while Lesnar does have a following, it does seem a bit boring to see him reigning and the WWE making him look that invincible. Lesnar holding the title (personally) leaves a bad taste for fans who want to see something different but then again, the WWE will of course remain where the fans (though not all) are happy. Besides, the WWE wants to keep its credibility in check.

So to answer that, the safe assumption is that Lesnar will retain his championship come Wrestlemania 31.

Retain in the sense that it will not necessarily mean he will win the match. There could be interference or a DQ ruling. Paul Heyman or even Seth Rollins could get involved for one reason or another.

Reigns could go ballistic and go out of control leading him to use cheap tactics or maybe even accidentally hit the referee. These things are possible.

But ever since re-signing, the WWE title seems to be staying with the Beast Incarnate. On why the fans want to see Lesnar reign supreme is a big Q, but honestly, it has become too repetitive and utterly boring.

Some fans cheer it, while maybe a few don’t. Honestly, the WWE may want to consider it and figure out if the supposed fans who threatened to boycott the WWE are truly worth listening to. It is a business but the WWE has become boring and entirely predictable.