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Bubble Gum Universe, 36x48 inches , oil enamel markers colored pencil and gypsum on canvas, 2016

Ernest Concepcion’s Latest Works at Ysobel Art Gallery

Ernest Concepcion’s solo exhibition at Ysobel Art Gallery is titled “Unprecedented Views”. His current paintings contain imagery that has references to his earlier works, an example of which is his Line Drawings.


Mark Arcamo’s Faceless Portraits to be Unveiled, 27 August

On August 27, 2016, Mark Arcamo’s sequel to a recently concluded show opens to the public. To be shown at Ysobel Art Gallery, the exhibition is interestingly entitled Interference. It is a comprehensive collection of the artist’s newest works on paper. The collection features 4 sets of portraits, namely, “Configuration,” “Reformed”, “Residual Image,” and “Tampered.”