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Kaspersky Lab Researcher Creates Free Software Tool for Collecting Remote Evidence After Cyber-Attacks

To overcome the need for investigators to travel far and wide to gather evidence from infected computers after a cyberattack, a Kaspersky Lab expert has developed a simple tool that can remotely collect vital data without risk of its contamination or loss. Named BitScout, the tool can build a swiss-army knife for the remote forensic investigation of live systems and has been made freely available for all investigators to use.

Kaspersky Lab_Threat landscape at KLACSW 2016

Kaspersky Lab Raises Cybersecurity Issues at its Conference for Asia Pacific Region

The annual Kaspersky Lab Cyber Security Weekend for Asia Pacific countries took place on 5-8 October 2016 in Bali, Indonesia, and gathered industry professionals with the aim of raising awareness about cybersecurity issues, highlighting the current IT threats affecting the region and sharing advice on how to mitigate them. Special attention was paid to financial threats that are on the rise globally and in APAC, posing a high risk to organizations and individuals.

Kaspersky Lab_Project Sauron copy copy

ProjectSauron: Top Level Espionage Platform Covertly Extracts Encrypted Government Comms

In September 2015, Kaspersky Lab’s Anti-Targeted Attack Platform flagged an unusual feature in the network of a client organization. The anomaly led researchers to ‘ProjectSauron’, a nation-state threat actor attacking state organizations with a unique set of tools for each victim, making traditional indicators of compromise almost useless. The aim of the attacks appears to be mainly cyber-espionage.