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Tim Tebow [photo credits: Clemed via Wikimedia Commons]

Tim Tebow Latest News: Return To The NFL Still Lingers

Tim Tebow has been out of the NFL since 2015 but that hasn’t dampened the spirit of the 28-year-old former Heisman Trophy winner for a future stint.

Tim Tebow [photo credit: Disney ABC via Flickr]

Tim Tebow Latest News: Former NFL Quarterback Bares Event That Impacted His Christian Faith

Former NFL player Tim Tebow may not be in the running for any roster spot in the pro football world anytime soon but such has not dampened his spirit. In fact he continues to do another thing he does best, devote his time to Christian work.

Tim Tebow [photo credits: Jeffrey Beall via Flickr]

Tim Tebow rumors: Marco Rubio bats for statue of ex-NFL standout

Florida senator Marco Rubio has come up with an odd choice to replace the confederate statue and the name that has been mentioned is that of Tim Tebow.