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Give your loved ones the best gift this Christmas!

Flash Philippines is making this year’s yuletide season extra special for those who are looking for sleek and high-quality smartphones with both the stylish and future-forward features of Flash Plus 2. There are 2 memory variants for this, which are 2GB RAM with 16GB ROM and 3 GB RAM with 32 GB ROM.

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Kaspersky Lab Avisory: A Third of Consumers Willing to Ditch Their Friends for Their Smartphone [WATCH]

An experiment, which asked participants to rate various people and objects in their lives in order of importance, has discovered that 37.4 per cent of participants rate their smartphone as more, or equally, important as their close friends. The results of the experiment, which was conducted by the universities of Würzburg and Nottingham Trent, on behalf of Kaspersky Lab, show that smartphones are set to overtake friends in importance.