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EPSON Sheetfed Scanner

Five factors to consider in buying a Sheetfed Scanner

Despite the conversations on going paperless, most organizations still require a mix of digital and paper-based documents for their business operations.

Pick Pocketers Set to Get Lucky With Half of People Not Password Protecting their Mobiles

Kaspersky Lab: Half of People Not Password Protecting Mobile Devices

With half (48%) of people still failing to protect their mobile devices, and only 22% using anti-theft solutions, pick pocketers that get their hands on a smartphone could be in for more of a treat than even they hope for.

Michael Bauer Cosplay Dad LG V30

LG V30 Video Series: Staying True to Oneself

LG Electronics (LG) is celebrating the inspiring, yet relatable everyday moments in This is Real, a campaign for its V30 flagship smartphone.

Kaspersky Lab_purecharger-campaign

Pure.Charger: How to charge your smartphone in a public location without infecting it

We truly hope that you keep in mind the risks of public charging spots. But what about users who are always on the road or spend a lot of time away from sockets at home or in the office? We have a solution for them: Pure.Charger.

Kaspersky Lab_usb-charging-dangers-featured

Charging Mobile Devices Could Put Data at Risk

Smartphones can be compromised when charged using a standard USB connection connected to a computer, Kaspersky Lab experts have discovered in a proof-of-concept experiment. The researchers are now evaluating what the impact of such an incident might be.

Half of APAC internet users purchased a consumer electronic product online in the past year

The explosion of digital devices and proliferation of internet have shaken the path to purchase as consumers have, and are still in the process of altering the way they shop. The changing trend is particularly evident today in emerging markets in Asia Pacific—forecasted by GfK to be the fastest growing region in the world for smartphone sales in 2016.