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Fortinet Survey Reveals Cybersecurity Strategies of APAC Enterprises

“Our independent study highlights the urgent need among enterprise-scale organisations from all sectors in APAC to prioritize end-to-end cybersecurity protection with actionable, threat intelligence capabilities in the face of new digital business challenges. Enterprises need to respond more rapidly and effectively to security breaches by investing in integrated, adaptive cybersecurity architectures for the borderless network. Fortinet is uniquely equipped to deliver this security without compromise through a seamless, comprehensive security fabric.”

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The Internet can make or break your company — Converge ICT

The Internet has emerged as one of the most important products of digitalization. Over the years, it has revolutionized the way enterprises run certain business processes given its numerous benefits and positive implications. However, as it continues to yield new innovations, its uses also come at the price of new risks to security.

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Kaspersky Lab Survey Highlights Data Protection as the Top Priority for Businesses when Combating Cyberthreats

Loss or exposure of sensitive data is the worst outcome of a cybersecurity incident, according to the findings of Kaspersky Lab’s report, “Business Perception of IT Security: In the Face of an Inevitable Compromise”, based on the 2016 Corporate IT Security Risks survey. However, only just over half (52%) of businesses agree that they have to be better prepared for an inevitable security compromise.