Honorio Banario (ONE Championship photo)

ONE Championship: Banario will not waste new lease on life

Banario was eliminated from the tournament when he failed to overcome Lowen Tynanes’ superior wrestling and groundwork at ONE: HERO’S ASCENT. Banario ended up getting knocked out in the first round when he got caught in a mounted crucifix and Tynanes went on to advance to the semi-final round. #ONEChampionship

UFC, MMA default (Pixabay Photo)

UFC: What’s next for Rose Namajunas?

The 26-year-old Namajunas (8-4, 5 submissions) was slammed onto the floor by Andrade, who was able to put herslf in a position to carry the now former champion on his shoulders. After the piledrive of a body slam, Andrade threw a couple of hammer fists and led to the referee stopping the contest.

Jon Jones (Senate Democrats | Wikimedia Commons)

UFC: Robert Whittaker makes bold statement on Jon Jones

“I think I could just give him a run for his money. I surprise a lot of people and I’m full of tricks. I think the intensity I bring into a fight is something that a lot of people aren’t prepared for. But he’s a great fighter, he’s super, super dangerous. I’m under no illusion how hard it would be, and yeah, I think it would be fun.” – Robert Whittaker #UFC