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‘Young Sheldon’ Air Date, Cast News: Another ‘Big Bang Theory’ Key Character Added

Sheldon Cooper’s beloved grandmother in “Big Bang Theory” will also be a key character in “Young Sheldon.” The CBS show booked Annie Potts for the iconic role of Meemaw, the most influential person in Sheldon’s life.


‘Big Bang Theory’ Could Go On For 2 More Seasons

Sheldon Cooper and his friends are likely staying on the small screen far longer. News has it that CBS is planning to give Jim Parsons, Johnny Galecki, Kaley Cuoco and the rest of the “Big Bang Theory” stars a deal that will see them doing two more seasons of the comedy.

The Tangible Affection Proof

‘The Big Bang Theory’ Spinoff Planned: Young Sheldon Cooper To Lead Prequel Series On CBS

“The Big Bang Theory” might be getting a spinoff. CBS is intent on a comedy series that will focus on a younger Sheldon Cooper, as talks of an end to the original show is brewing.

steve martin in HOME

Steve Martin stars as superb and cowardly captain in ‘Home’

In the new family film, “Home,” from DreamWorks Animation, Steve Martin is the voice of Captain Smek, the vain and weak leader of an alien race called Boov.

Jim Parsons as Oh

Jim Parsons lends voice in ‘Home’

Five-time Emmy winner Jim Parsons stars as the voice of a purple alien called Oh, in the delightful and colourful family film, “Home”