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Russian missiles killed IS leader’s son – Iraqis

Russian forces killed the son of Islamic State group leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in a missile attack on a Syrian cave in which he was hiding, Iraqi intelligence said Wednesday.


Iraqi migrant in Germany suspected of second child rape

Investigators believe a failed Iraqi asylum seeker who was dragged back to Germany after admitting to the murder of a 14-year-old girl also twice raped an 11-year-old child, officials said Tuesday.


Suicide Bombing Wounds 19 at Iraq Ballot Warehouse

A suicide bombing Sunday targeting a warehouse in Kirkuk where ballot boxes from Iraq’s May elections were stored wounded 19 people, days before a vote recount, a security source said.

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Iraq army finds bodies of recent IS prisoners

The Iraqi army said Wednesday it has found the bodies of eight people along a highway linking Baghdad with Kirkuk, including six who had been abducted by the Islamic State group.


One killed in car bomb targeting Iraq election candidate

A car bomb attack targeted an election candidate in Iraq’s contested Kirkuk city on Sunday, killing one person and wounding 11, a security official said.

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Saudi Arabia hails Iraq victory over IS

Saudi Arabia on Sunday hailed Iraq’s defeat of the Islamic State group, calling it a “grand victory on terrorism” amid warming ties between the Arab neighbours.

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Obama presses Turkey’s president to lower tensions with Iraq

President Barack Obama is urging Turkey to continue pulling its troops out of Iraq in a bid to resolve the dispute between the two countries.

Obama says military hitting IS group harder than ever

President Barack Obama on Monday said the U.S.-led coalition is making progress against Islamic State militants in both Iraq and Syria, as he delivered an update on the campaign aimed at reassuring Americans worried about the spread of extremism-fuel terrorism.

Obama vows to hit IS harder, says commandos now in Syria

President Barack Obama on Monday vowed to accelerate the U.S.-led military campaign against the Islamic State in both Syria and Iraq, implicitly acknowledging that progress has been too slow as the extremist group expands its reach with deadly attacks beyond the Middle East.

Obama welcomes British vote to join Syria air campaign

US President Barack Obama hailed a vote Wednesday by British lawmakers to join the air campaign against the Islamic State group in Syria.