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ADB Latest News & Update: Affected Communities in Asia Challenge Bank’s Immunity

Since 1966, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) peddles on the illusion that it is an institution that is committed in making the region free from poverty. According to the bank, it has mobilized more than USD 250 billion worth of investments in infrastructure, research and knowledge sharing in its half a century of operations in Asia and the Pacific. The ADB shamelessly continues to shell out illegitimate debts to its member countries even if it had disastrous project and policy outcomes. Moreover, the bank has been enjoying immunity from countries, including the Philippines where it had put its investments.

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Kaspersky Lab Exposes Massive Underground Market Selling Over 70,000 Hacked Servers

Kaspersky Lab researchers have investigated a global forum where cybercriminals can buy and sell access to compromised servers for as little as $6 each. The xDedic marketplace, which appears to be run by a Russian-speaking group, currently lists 70,624 hacked Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) servers for sale. The Philippines is among the top 50 countries with hacked servers listed in xDedic.

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Globe Telecom to invest close to $500 M to expand corporate data network for enterprises

Globe Telecom is investing close to $500 million over a five-year period beginning 2016 to expand its corporate data network to meet the ever-increasing bandwidth requirements of corporate and enterprise clients. This initiative is expected to attract more foreign investments and spur the growth of the Philippine economy.

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Kaspersky Lab experts discover why it’s so easy to make an ATM obey hacker commands

Almost any ATM in the world could be illegally accessed and jackpotted with or without the help of malware. According to research conducted by Kaspersky Lab experts, this is because of the widespread use of outdated and insecure software, mistakes in network configuration and a lack of physical security for critical parts of the ATM.

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