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‘Gotham’ Season 4 Latest News & Update: Jerome is back with Penguin for more chaos

Things are expected to get more interesting once “Gotham” Season 4 returns for its midseason. Before the show went on break, many may have caught that scene when Penguin (Robin Taylor) shared a cell with Jerome Valeska (c). And with those two together, one can only imagine the chaos about to ensue.


Marvel & ‘Blindspot’ Star Jaimie Alexander Visits The ‘Gotham’ Set

Filming and TV productions are currently keeping busy in Vancouver in preparation for the start of a new TV season in the U.S. next month. With many shows stationed in Vancouver, it’s easy for actors to somehow bump into each other or perhaps drop in on each other sets while filming.


Fox Renews ‘Gotham’ For Season 3

Gotham-title-card-season-2″Gotham” is coming back for another season. Fox has confirmed that the show will return for another year after earning nine million viewers on average each week.


‘X-Men’ TV Series: Fox Starts Negotiations With Marvel To Bring X-Men Live Action On Television

Fans of the “X-Men” franchise may have yet another thing to look forward to as negotiations for an “X-men” TV series featuring real-life actors, as opposed to cartoon versions, is underway between Fox and Marvel.

Jada Pinkett Smith (Wikimedia Commons)

How will Fish Mooney depart from Gotham?

With Smith gone, does it follow that Fish Mooney would be killed too?